Short Films


After being teased by classmates, a young girl with a speech impediment gains confidence through learning we all have things about ourselves we try to hide.

Sticky Fingers

They all have BBQ sauce on their hands, but only one of them has Sticky Fingers.

Stand Out

Stand Out is the story of a biracial teen who tries to find where she fits in this world. With the help of her friends and family she discovers she was never meant to fit in. She was born to Stand Out.


An unexpected friendship emerges between a hospice nurse and her patient. As their pasts are revealed, their bond grows stronger.

Step Aside

A 6 minute film spanning 20 years of a young girl’s life and the positive impact made by her stepfather.


Unmasked is a dramatic comedy about a long term couple in quarantine. Tagline – “Covering up isn’t always recommended.”